Sports Authority of India: Unwritten rules in Basketball

As with any sport, each game of Basketball is extremely competitive which is why players pour their hearts out every time they’re at the court. This dedication and perseverance is also the reason why some players may get emotional while playing and lash out on either themselves, their teammates or the opposing team.

Although these emotions are inevitable, the best thing you can do is learn about the unwritten rules that can help prevent emotional situations from escalating. Here at Sports Authority of India, we want each of you to be the best players you can be on and off the court. One of the ways we can do this is by writing and posting blogs that can teach you some things that you won’t get anywhere else.

To help you get started, here are some of the unwritten rules that every Basketball player should know:

Let the shot clock run out if you have a huge lead

One of the most common things that cause fights and escalation on the court is unsportsmanlike behaviours and an example of this can be seen towards the end of the game. If the game goes in your favour and you have a huge lead ahead of your opponent, don’t bother scoring on the last possession as this can be disrespectful to the other team.

Instead, we would recommend letting the shot clock run out to show sportsmanship and respect to the opposing team. Everyone in the court knows that you and your team will win, you don’t have to rub it in the faces of your opponents by nailing the last shot.

Observe proper hygiene

Even though the sport is extremely physical which means that you’d have to sweat a lot, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore proper hygiene. Keep in mind that you’ll be playing alongside other people closely which means that you should at least consider using a deodorant.  

This way you can save yourself from embarrassment as well as become a better overall competitor.

Don’t touch a player once they’re in the air

Because Basketball is a physical sport, injuries and accidents are bound to happen from time to time. However, there are some things that you can do that can help prevent these things from happening and one of the most important ones is not touching a player when they’re airborne. 

This is because when you interfere with their movements mid-air, it can affect their landing and cause them to land awkwardly. If you’re inevitably in the way of a player jumping towards the basket, the best thing you can do is move out of the way or assist them.

Players should look out for each other, whether it be their teammates or opponents. The important thing is nobody gets injured during the game because this can lead to serious injuries with some being permanent. 

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