Sports Authority of India: Proper Basketball attire

Just like any sport, you have to  invest time to hone your skills. However, one of the best ways you can instantly upgrade your game is by equipping yourself with the right attire. This way, your movements won’t be restricted and you can stay comfortable even after several minutes into the game.

To help you be at your best state on the court when you play Basketball, we here at Sports Authority of India have listed down the essential clothing pieces that you should wear. This way, you can be the best player that you can be on the court! So without further ado, here’s the proper attire for basketball players:

Sleeveless Basketball jersey

In Basketball, your arms require full mobility which means that as much as possible, there shouldn’t be a piece of clothing hindering them from doing different movements. This is why the national uniform for this sport is a sleeveless jersey as it’s not only light on your body but also allows your arms to rotate freely which is extremely important.

Basketball shoes

One of the most common mistakes that basketball players make when playing on the court is they don’t use shoes that are specifically made for the sport. Not only will this be uncomfortable for their feet but it will also increase their chances of getting injured as casual sneakers lack the support that basketball shoes have.

Aside from ankle support, other factors that you should consider include comfortability, durability and stability.

Some of the best Basketball sneakers out right now include:

  • Adidas Trae Young 1 Shoes
  • PUMA MB.01 Shoes
  • Adidas Donovan Mitchell D.O.N. Issue 3
  • Adidas Dame 8
  • New Balance Two WXY.

Nylon shorts

Because you’ll be running up and down the court for minutes up to hours, you have to keep your legs free from any kind of obstruction, including clothing materials. This is why as much as possible, you’d want to veer away from tight-fitting shorts as they can restrict your movements when they get soaked with sweat.

With nylon shorts, you can play comfortably because they don’t get soaked with sweat which means that they’ll remain lightweight as the game goes on.


When it comes to playing Basketball, functionality is always more important than style. However, you can achieve both when you wear wristbands as they play an important role in your game while making you look the part of a Basketball player.

This sport requires you to use your hands to pass, dribble and shoot the ball. However, this can be a bit hard if sweat starts to run down your palms and that’s where wristbands come in. With this accessory, the sweat from your arm will get soaked before they make their way to your hands. Moreover, they can act as a handkerchief that you can use to wipe the sweat on your face.

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