Frequently Ask Questions on SAI Central Regional Centre Bhopal

Q.1.When are selection trials held in SAI CRC Bhopal?

Selection trials are held at the end of January till mid-February every year. But due to some valid reasons like Annual Boards Exams, important National Sports Events etc. the trials are preponed or postponed by a week or two. However, the dates of selection trials are always declared in SAI Bhopal website and in local newspapers, well in advance.

Q.2. Whether I can get admission in Cricket in SAI?


one can get admission in Cricket in SAI through ‘Pay and Play Scheme’.

Q.3.How to reach SAI Centre at Bhopal?

Reach Us

1) From Bhopal Railway Station you can reach by hiring auto directly. (Distance – 16 km, Time-30 Min.,Fare – Rs. 250/-)

2) From Bus Stand(Halalpur) by Auto (Distance-20 KM, time-35 Min., Fare Rs.300/-)

3) From Habibganj Bus Stand ( ISBT) by Auto ( Distance- 13 KM,Time-25 Min., Fare Rs. 200/- )

4) From Airport hiring Taxi or Auto .( Auto Fare –Rs.350/-,Distance-25 KM, Time – 45 Min.)

Q.4.What is the age for admission in SAI?

1) Centre of Excellence – 12 – 25 years

2) SAI Training Centre (STC)/ SAG
(i) In Residential Scheme – 12 -18 years
(ii) In Day Boarding Scheme – 14-21 years

3) Akharas - 8-14 years

4) Come and Play Scheme- 8 to 17 years

Q.5. What are the job opportunities in SAI ?

SAI provides job opportunities to Sports Persons who are having Degree/Diploma in Sports Coaching in a particular sports discipline under a transparent process of written tests, followed by Practical Assessment and interview.

Q.6.What are the educational facilities around SAI Bhopal Centre?

There are various educational institutions situated around SAI Bhopal Centre.

English Medium:-

i) Banyan Tree School,Bishen Kheri, Suraj Nagar, Bhopal (01 Km.)

ii) Bhawan’s Bharati Public School, Barkheri Kala, Bhopal ( 5 Km.)

iii) Delhi Public school, Barkheri Kala, Bhopal ( 7 Km.)

iv) Sharda Vidya Mandir,Barkheri kala, Bhopal ( 5.5 Km.)

v) Billabong School ,Barkheri Kala, Bhopal ( 6.5 Km.)

vi) Kopal Public School, Barkheri Kala, Bhopal ( 5 Km.)

Hindi Medium:-

i) Arunoday Vidya Mandir,Gram Gora, Suraj Nagar, Bhopal ( 01 Km.)

ii) Shardar BallabhBhai Patel High School,suraj Nagar, Bhopal ( 03 Km.)

iii)Kopal Public School,Barkheri Kala, Bhopal ( 05 Km.)

iv) Dropadi H.S.School, Barkheri Kala, Bhopal ( 05 Km.)

Q.7.Whether trainee of SAI can be transferred from one scheme to another or one region to another? If so, what is the procedure?

‘Yes’, SAI trainee can be transferred from one scheme to another scheme and also from one region to another region.

Within the region- SAI trainees can be transferred to another scheme with the recommendation of the concerned coach and Centre In-charge, which are forwarded to Regional Centre and transfer is made within the norms of schemes.

To other region- Particular transfer case is forwarded by Regional Head to other Regional Head and transfer is made on the basis of availability of vacancy and with the consent of concerned Regional Director in that particular centre.

Q.8.What is the criterion for admission in SAI Bhopal?

One has to fulfill criteria as per SAI Sports Promotional Schemes, STC, Residential /Day Boarding Scheme, Centre of Excellence, Pay & Play Scheme and Come & Play Scheme in the discipline available at SAI Bhopal for which detail is available in SAI Bhopal website.

Q.9.Whether employed sports person can use the facilities of SAI?

Employed sports persons can get admission in Centre of Excellence Scheme in a particular Discipline available in any SAI Centre and use the facilities of SAI.

Q.10.What are the sports disciplines in SAI CRC Bhopal?

Residential Scheme :Athletics ( Boys & Girls ),Basketball(Boys),Boxing(Boys & Girls),Taekwondo (Boys & Girls),K&C (Boys & Girls),Wushu( Boys & Girls).

Day Boarding Scheme:Boys & Girls in disciplines of Residential Scheme.

Centre of Excellence : Athletics(Boys & Girls),Hockey( Girls), K & C ( Boys & Girls ),Wushu ( Boys & Girls),

Q.11. Can a common man use the facility of SAI?

Yes, a common man can use the facility of SAI.

Example: - School children,Various educational institutions,Govt. or non-Govt. organizations can use the facilities/infrastructure available at SAI Bhopal.